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Deflation has become inevitable

It is now clear to me that policy makers in the West are determined to apply every available resource to underpinning failure, misallocation and executive excess. As this discourages the honest saver from parting with cash, policy makers are ensuring

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Comment by Found Zero
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Well, yes of course we can have both, we're seeing that now. My point would be this is a short term deflationary cycle in the context of long term inflation. People talking about deflation now talk as though it's a condition that excludes all others.

Deflation as in falling prices in commodities and houses and cars as consumers slow back spending and every forced to mark down their massive existing inventories is not mysterious nor is it perpetual.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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We can't have both?

We are seeing the deflation part right now in housing. And soon we will see it in big Plasma TVs etc. Everyone wants to sell and no one wants to buy... deflation.

When government gets involved you don't know what will happen. Guns, Ammo, Food have all seen Inflation. But the Hyper-Inflation of out of control currency printing would have little effect until all of the deep dark black holes of debt have been filled to the point that that cash starts to overflow into the market (not that they aren't trying).

What has happened is easier to understand if you look at the situation for what it is,... The largest Bank Robbery in history. Once all of the poker chips were on the table after everyone went 'All In', the big bad boys thanked everyone for playing and went home with all of the winnings in a game that was rigged from the beginning for them to wind up with all of the cash.

The theft is sooo great, and was built up over so long, that it could take hundreds of trillions of newly printed dollars to have an inflationary impact. I see the possibility of the evaporation of trillions of dollars from the planet due to the elimination of dollars on the books that were only counted as they related to debt instruments that are being written off as worthless.

These are just some thoughts that have produced a desire for a greater understanding of what is going on. Our future is greatly determined by the laws and regulations that provide the 'perception' of value for any currency. I have no doubt that the hyper creation of cash will bring hyper-inflation as it makes its way to the market. But what I need to learn is if that is what is happening.

Have the savings of the planet been so thoroughly looted by the Bad Guys that until 'they' decide to flood the market with cash (for reasons only known to them) we would have to dump in hundreds of trillions of dollars to even reach the rim of the black hole created?

If this is the case then we are to be forever pawns in the hands of those with the horded wealth that has been stripped of this planet's human cattle.

Just thinking out loud.

Comment by Found Zero
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The deflationists all sound like idiots and more: they are all Tuesday Morning quarterbacks. Always predicting what happened yesterday.

That's it. I'm going into rant mode. New Oyate editorial to follow.