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Chief justice: Inflation outpacing pay for judges

• AP
Chief Justice John Roberts is calling on federal lawmakers to be as generous to judges as they have been to themselves. Roberts wants Congress to approve an inflation-related increase in pay for judges. He says Congress has "unfairly denied

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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The TREASON list just grows and grows...

Comment by GrandPoobah
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Wow. Does anybody with more brains than a potted plant think that this problem would exist if way back when the Supreme court ruled that the Constitution actually meant what it plainly said about money being gold and silver, and not whatever paper those in power wanted to print.

My take on this is "Screw the Judges" Any time they want, they can revisit the issue and conclude that congress can coin money, not print it or create it out of thin air. They may also decide that the Fed is not so constitutional after all.