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It Felt like “Martial Law” in Los Angeles!

• Daily Paul September 14, 2008 via
Thousands of cars and thousands of unsuspecting people are experiencing for the first time in their lives, the full impact of what a police state is all about this morning, folks! The freeway looks like a parking lot! (We reported this when it happen

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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(It happened again - This was forwarded to me)

I posted it at the Daily Paul immediately upon arriving home that night. The very nest day it was on for three days. I got over 170 comments from all over the world on it! I even saw it on Freedom's Phoenix, too.

It happened again about 3 week ago, but this time on the Santa Monica FRWY at about 3 am. I escaped that one, too. I don't like being out late anymore. It "ain't Kansas anymore, Dorothy!" This last time, judging by the cones in the roadway, the military was involved along w/the CHP. I've read that it's happening a lot on the 15 FRWY in San Bernardino. I fear the the net is dropping and that the police state is here in CA.! What a scary world we're living in.

I keep your DAD up to date on all the news and he shares what he learns w/some of his buddies at the VFW.

If I run into anything unusual personally, I'll let you know.

The holidays were fun! Hope yours was fun, too!