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Drug Prohibition: Law Enforcement Is The Problem

• Darren Wolfe - The International Libertarian
The problem is not the War on Drugs, that is merely the symptom. The problem is that the government has the means to enforce laws like the drug prohibition.

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Comment by William Klepzig (19107)
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The theory is drugs are sold to the majority of Americans as an us, we the good god fearing raise our children family person and them the low down theives and crooks is false.
The reality of the drug problem is the political, legal and criminal leaders in every state and city use drugs too.
For once get it threw you little minds that you have to have money to buy drugs and most of the good people now intaking them have powerful jobs that allow them to buy what they want.
I suggest we have a one day this year when every person in government, police or the legal system has to take a drug test. I will bet if that were going to happen the purchase of drugs would fall by seventy percent.

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