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Legalize marijuana? Not so fast.

• Christian Science Monitor OpEd
[what crap!] "If pot is relatively harmless, why are we seeing more than 100,000 hospitalizations a year" for marijuana use? Emergency-room admissions where marijuana is the primary substance involved increased by 164% from 1995 to 2002 – f

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Comment by Rich Ness (13855)
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CSM is not fit for toilet paper. I am not a smoker, nor do I condone mind altering substances, but the idiocy of this article simply proves, you can use marginal statistics as a scare tactic. Marijuana is not a gateway drug, mindset is. THC, as many herbs, has it's good and bad, but addiction is not a valid argument. The number of people in the world who have used cannabis, and who are rational, logical, as well as political figures, is much more conceivable than this hogwash, tabloid journalism.

Comment by Jerry Alexander (10403)
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"Dr. Sabet"is a Quack....
Why did these people go to the ER?
What were the problems they had?
Look what these self appointed gods are doing to save their country,America...NOTHING!
They endorsed Rudi what the hell do you expect from them,something smart?