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Fresh Eggs

• Stewart Ogilby

I am now getting to the matter that truly baffles me. What most baffles me is the recent government raid in little LaGrange, Ohio. I have several questions: Why did it take place? How could it happen right here in America? Where in America do they find young men willing to execute such orders? What is happening now? Who is coming to the aid of these persecuted people? What has happened to my country over the past few decades?


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Good Morning,  Like the farmer, I am awake with the sunrise to read one of my favorite emails, Freedom's Phoenix.  Sometimes I wonder that it may be the closest thing to journalism that survives. 

I am so touched by the article "Fresh Eggs" and Stewart Ogilby's ability to slow me down to listen to his question.  What has happened to my country?  I will be thinking all day about how to best use this information.  Of course, I will have to quiet some of my thoughts.  No doubt they will turn to violence when I think of Monsanto and big Agri-business and the corporate thugs that are invading family farm country.  I need to figure out how to best serve those farmers in La Grange, Ohio so I must quiet my thoughts and not be sucked in by the sadness and use my anger profitably.  Thank you FP for serving me a slice of reality, no matter how bitter.