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Government tightening food safety standards

• AP
A food safety panel established by President Barack Obama developed new rules for eggs, poultry, beef, leafy greens, melons and tomatoes as well as for better coordination and communication among the agencies overseeing the nation's food supply.   The Food and Drug Administration and the Agriculture Department would adopt the standards.

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Comment by Farm Wars
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This is a misdirection by the Obama administration. The people who will be in charge of "overseeing" the nation's food supply are the same people who cause the problems in the first place - the multinational corporate giants with their flunkies in government. The fox watching the henhouse will do nothing to protect the hens from himself.

The only thing that will be accomplished by any "food safety" legislation currently in Congress is a list of fines, fees, penalties, and an onerous tracking system that will effectively eliminate the little guy because of the expense.