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‘Pain Ray’ First Commercial Sale Looms

• Wired Magazine
The military isn’t about to deploy its pain ray to the battlefield. But someone in the commercial sector is about to one. We don’t know who. The sale is mentioned in a presentation by Raytheon, who built the microwave weapon for the Defense Department.  

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Comment by RickStone
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 It would make a nice addition to my theft alarm on my car. Maybe I could add some omni directional tazers on it also. It would also slow down over zealous cops at traffic stops. The uses are unlimited. How about installing it on lap tops or cell phones to protect them from being stolen? Lets just zap anything and everything that moves. Just think of the uses it can be used to torture anyone that we label a terriorist ! Or anyone that speaks up against the government that is destroying our country and Constitution. Ah! the miracles of modern science will never stop amazing me! Big brother where art thou? 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Some lucky DHS funded cops somewhere just can't wait to play with their new toy.