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At a Traffic Stop, Learning Who 'Had the Power'

• Washington Post
...but on this day I drove due to the expected late evening dinner. Driving down K Street toward Highway 66, I ran through a speed trap. I have a nice, expensive car -- with all the trimmings. Much to my chagrin, I'm sure I was speeding but not recklessly. More to the point, I was pulled over."

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Comment by RickStone
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 DWB seems to be a very serious crime for police officers. In my younger days when I had more hair police considered DWH (driving while hippie) to be a serious crime. Age and a haircut cured that problem but DWB can't be cured with a new expensive car- with all the trimmings, sorry.

Comment by foundZero
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"I have a nice, expensive car -- with all the trimmings"

Don't worry brother, white-trash people in crappy cars get pulled over and hassled all the time.

Make you feel any better?