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Here Comes A Hot, Steaming Pile of Sh*t to Stir Into the In-House Debate....

• Pam's House Blend via Raw Story
Please, don't shoot the messenger....... 

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Comment by Robert1963
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 Hmmmmmm? It's very telling there have not been any videos or audio links of this pastor making these statements he is being accused of. But thats typical of the people that don't want others to make a stand for the Constitutional Rights! Look to me to be a so-called report with NO supportive factual evidence because the fact is if any preacher had been making death threats on the President of the United States they would have been paid a visit by the CIA or FBI a long time ago and or been arrested, so unless somebody can post a link that the CIA or FBI paid the pastor a visit for making supposed threats about or to Obama, you're just pissing in high wind!!

Lets state some real facts. There are certain homosexual groups out there that do have violent tendacies who regularly spit hatred for any christian if they do not comply with their stated political or moral belief system!

P.S. Jet as far as i can see you're just a 2 bit punk that wants to deter from a issue to something else that have not been proven with factual evidence to take away from someone who has been wrongly physically assaulted or is it you're the type that likes being physicall assaulted, therefore see's Mr Anderson as deserving of what was done to him? I speculate that being the case!

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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I hope your 'in house debate' at the Pastor and a few others expense was worth it. HIS story is about illegal search and seizure, abuse at the hand of the shiny badge and RIGHTS TO PRIVACY; which has been totally disrupted by this report. What's YOUR story, Jet?

Comment by Jet Lacey
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It's really awkward, especially when it comes from a friend, whenever someone asserts that they know what my intentions are.  Let's be clear; any assumptions you wish to make concerning my motives are purely speculative. 

Messenger vs. advocate?  What does that mean?

Can you hear the sound of me running away Chuck?  Yeah, that's it; that's the sound. 


Comment by Charles Gillespie
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So much for you 'digging down for the raw story', eh Jet? It all makes sense now, and I am beginning to see the light of your motives. 

"Messenger"??? I can see where "Advocate" is much more befitting.

"It never got weird enough for me." - Hunter S. Thompson

"I can see thru you like used Neutrogena" - Dennis Miller

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Wow!  Did we finally reach the "Hands Off" button?  

Ahhhhhh....Hunter S. Thompson, as always, says it best:

"...and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark — that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back."


Comment by Charles Gillespie
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What makes me violently ill is that the Pastor, his wife and children have ALL been receiving death threats...AND WORSE from these same lunatics who dream of a unisex world where having an ambiguous sexual identity completes the masquerade.

I don't think their hinky sexual exploits justifies sodomy of that families children, or murdering them after luring them away as reported by the Pastor's wife.

They cannot pretend that their abomination before God, the Creator sits well with anyone with exception of a few sickened advocates.

I don't think that anyone who preaches strictly from the KJV deserves this and I will defend that belief to my end.

We ARE ALL DAMNED! Don't you get it yet? Christ made his sacrifice a 'gift' of acceptance with a major string attached. ONLY HE is the way to Heaven. Everyone who believes solely in "the common good" DOES NOT get this 'gift'. If you don't want it, fine...but don't bury your head in any other belief system if you happen to acknowledge this year, 2009 as being two thousand and nine years since his 'DEATH-GIFT'.  No, you cannot make yourself a god and pretend you are covered by other teachings. Jesus marks the time... which will pass~(will you?)

These are indeed, 'final times' and we will be turned 'brother against brother and son against father' for the absolute reason of accepting or denying this gift.

I pray for all of my brothers whom will find this offensive to dig into the KJV and discover for themselves the 'rules' for God's plan on salvation.

We are documenting the 'fall of civilization'...AND the return of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

PS: I am NOT the one who started the fire in the movie house that I was dropped into; the year of our Lord-1964. I didn't know much until I met Jesus and accepted his Gift. I became ENLIGHTENED as to the rules the Bible spells out when I began listening to this amazing Pastor's capacity to convey PURE TRUTH in accordance with scripture. I am liberated from confusion and deceit.

God Bless the Pastor, his family and the spread of the 'Good News' IAW Jesus's 'Gift'. It IS FREE and cannot be earned!