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Warning on possible pot growers called profiling

[Campers encountering other campers with] 'tortilla packaging, beer cans, Spam, Tuna, Tecate beer cans," Spanish music and speaking Spanish urged to "hike out quickly" and call police.

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"It is inexcusable and we regret that this insensitivity distracted attention from the real problem of illegal marijuana cultivation on federal land and the threats to human safety and environmental degradation it poses," said Hank Kashdan, associate chief of the U.S. Forest Service.

Hmmm...marijuana cultivation, a natural, non-genetically modified plant poses a danger to humans and degrades the environment. Too bad the real threat is not addressed by these so-called officials. And that is, the substantial threat to humans and irreversible degradation of the environment by genetically modified crops and trees endorsed by government officials. Ban a natural weed and endorse laboratory created monstrosities that destroy the entire planet. Makes a whole lot of sense, eh?

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