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Toyota cashing in on anti-drunk driving gadget lobbying

Toyota Motor said it was developing anti-drunk driving equipment that would lock the ignition of a vehicle if high levels of alcohol are detected in the driver.

The system features a hand-held breathalyser, equipped with a digital camera, that detects alcohol consumption and photographs the driver's face for identification, a company statement said.


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Yeah I heard about this. Different models for different markets. The English version warns you about driving, tries to talk you out of it, buys you another beer and drives you home.

The USA version maces you and tazes you sometimes for no reason and if you complain it claims you are "resisting" and beats the shit out of you.

The Chinese version straps you down and begins to harvest your organs for international sale if you are drunk but you don't know the right people.

Something for everybody. Very clever those Japanese.

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