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An Intolerant Police State, a new low for America.

• Steve Lombardi

Does bad judgment or rude behavior by any citizen justify the use of force of an electric shock by the police in America?

Here we go again, another officer with poor or nonexistent communication skills using the Taser in a manner unacceptable in a free society. This new report comes from not New York City where you expect rude behavior to be the norm, but from the wild west of Glenrock, Wyoming.

Wasn’t it the Bush Administration that coined the phrase, “Freedom isn’t free.”? I’m left to wonder, free of what; free of excessive force from our own police force? Just going through the airport in America I’m made to feel like a criminal in ways you won’t feel going through airports in Europe. In Russia you get robbed over luggage charges but you expect it. In America we now get not just robbed by Wall Street, but there is a growing trend of being mugged by our own police forces.

Like many of the reports seen on YouTube and

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Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 Amerika turned from a democracy to Fascism during the presidential elections of 2000, there's no turning that clock back no!

Comment by Anonymous ()
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The Taser is a deadly weapon - and there are 140+ dead Americans to prove it.  If ANYONE pulls a Taser on you you should consider it an assault and attempt on your life and take whatever action you find appropriate to protect your life.