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OpEdNews Reporter Arrested While Photographing Protest

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On Saturday, reporter Cheryl Biren was arrested along with six protesters by Philadelphia police while taking photos of arrests of protesters against the Army Experience Center (AEC.) She was rough-handled by an arresting officer, held in two different jails for a total of 14 hours, being released onto the mean streets of Philly, locked out of the "roundhouse" police station, in the dark, at 5 AM without even the opportunity to first turn on her cell phone to call for a ride home.

Cheryl Biren observed, "after having been released into the streets of philly, doors locked behind us, in the pitch black without being allowed to turn on our phones while inside to secure our rides. such chivalry."

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Comment by Cheryl Biren (24027)
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Wow, Chuck, what a guy.

Regarding, "Good. I'm glad to see the police standing up for our Military and locking those idiot liberal bastards up in jail. Hopefully, she does time or gets nice and waterboarded. The bitch."

Well, the bitch is here and this bitch knows the oath that a police officer takes. It is not to stand up for the Military or any other entity but the Law.

"I will respect the RIGHTS of all individuals"

As a reporter - and be clear I am a reporter, and was not a protester - I have a right to report news as it unfolds.

I took photographs, Chuck. I was not interfering with the duties of the arresting officers, I was not blocking the flow of traffic. I was taking pictures of protesters being arrested. I was not protesting the Military.

Funny how your type defends the rights of  people who strap loaded guns to their bodies and show up at a protest where the President of the United States is, but I carry a loaded camera to a protest and I deserve to be waterboarded.

If you think it's right for authorities to reach into a crowd of onlookers and forcefully pull out the one person taking professional shots, ignore the right of Freedom of the Press, arrest her, lock her up for 14 hours and charge her criminal conspiracy then perhaps you might be more comfortable packing your bags and heading to a place like China. 




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