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Police Scanner - Listen to the G-20 Protestor Calls...

They are currently looking for 4 people they believe to be Protestors dressed in Black who are destroying Private Property.  That is something I will never understand how does destroying private property further the cause?  You can listen here.....

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Comment by Concerned Cop Johnson (24416)
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Pittsburgh Police scanner recording of G20 savage thug attack on peaceful citizens - Sept. 25 2009 11:00pm est

Listen to how the Pittsburgh Police turn into Tyrannical Robot Military Thugs terrorizing citizens.

"This is your FORCE MULTIPLIER!! GAS EM' "

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Police Brutality in Pittsburgh after the G20

Comment by Trouser Chili (6119)
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Let me explain it to you.

The people destroying property in many of these protests are agents provacateur - people hired by the government to make trouble.

Why?  So that the government has an excuse to come down hard on all the protestors.

Agents provacateur were outted at recent protests in Ottawa and the presidential conventions.  You'll notice they never show their faces, and when they are caught they never get in trouble.

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