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Turkish prime minister talks of a new world order

• Daily Princeton

And it should be an order which is based on trust,” Erdogan explained. “This political order should be just, equitable and participatory. We must understand world politics as a whole, and we must understand properly the dynamic relationship between different actors.”

Erdogan criticized the hypocrisy of world leaders and organizations who profess respect for all people and all viewpoints in documents like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but whose actions contradict their stated views.

“If you have the text, and you don’t have the practice, that of course is not really of any use to us,” he said. “In our country, we say that you cannot feel the sweet taste of honey in your mouth just by speaking the name of honey. You have to eat the honey to taste the taste.”

Turkey’s past experience dealing with economic recession, ethnic conflict and terrorism leaves it in a position to play an important role in international cooperation aimed at combating these issues, Erdogan said.