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If The Russians Did This To Us, We'd Kill 'Em

• The Smirking Chimp (HT Liberty Pulse)

Of course, the Russians haven't invaded. But what's astonishing about the moment we live in is that America has in fact been subjected to all these travails. We have essentially been invaded by those who wish us ill, and our national and private resources are being stripped bare. This country is being looted, and everything in it that isn't nailed down is being carted away and sold off.

Our children are being saddled with enormous financial burdens. Our educational and healthcare systems, sucked dry as mere revenues sources, are falling to pieces. Our infrastructure is approaching ruin.

Our jobs, our industries and our community resources have been bundled up and exported to where the work can be done far cheaper, and the workers are compliant. Increasingly we are scrambling just to survive. Admittedly, our government remains absolutely dedicated to making sure that some of us do extremely well. It's just that that 'some' doesn't include anyone you know

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Comment by Lucky Red
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 Oh, yes, of course! 

Lemme ask you, how many Russians exactly did 'we' kill again?  Hmmm...none to my recollection but, hey, y'all right wing nutjobs are really good at math (you know, like that part about the Earth being 6,000 - six thousand - years old) so I'm sure you know that better than the rest of the common sense people of the world.