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LA's Top Prosecutor Vows to Target Pot Shops

• AP
He wasn't expecting the phone call one August day when a voice said the police were outside and he needed to open up or they would bust down the door. His first thought, that it was a joke, turned to terror when he opened the door.

Heavily armed officers in helmets, bulletproof vests and, oddly enough, Bermuda shorts stormed his store, handcuffed him, disabled security cameras and seized his drugs before taking him to jail. When he asked why his shop was invaded, an officer responded, "We're closing them all down."

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Here is a judge pouring cold water on the prosecutor:


Comment by foundZero
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Bravo Powell! As we know, we have medical marijuana laws on the books here in Arizona but prosecutors and police have simply opted to non-enforce our contradict THE LAW in favor of whatever they think is right. In outright abrogation of their oaths of office. They are the law, it don't matter what the books say. They got the guns and the paychecks to prove it.

Go ahead and TRY to find a single doctor in this state that will prescribe medical marijuana. There's not a single one to my knowledge. Look for a legal dispensary. Not a one. All are (justifiably) afraid of police and prosecutorial misconduct. This is simply the terrorising of innocent civilians to suit the whims of those in power. Nothing more, nothing less.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The state law protects this type of business.  The local California prosecutors gets away with violating their oaths of office by using the federal "justice" system.   But they use local police resources -- federalized local police forces.  Now ostensibly they will no longer have federal prosecutions.  So, the question is at what point does a local prosecutor face spending the rest of their life in prison for abusing their office by terrorizing, inconvenencing, bankrupting, imprisoning, arresting, destroying a legal business that the prosecutor doesn't like or can get press for attacking?  At what point?  PS: Ditto for whomever signs the search warrant?