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State hands over records to Peoria couple in nude-photo case

• Arizona Republic
After initially ignoring a request for public records, the state Attorney General's Office
has released a stack of documents to a Peoria couple suing the state over an investigation into whether they had sexually abused their daughters.

Defense attorneys for the state and Richard Treon, who represents Lisa and Anthony "A.J." Demaree, were in court Monday over accusations that the state was withholding and secretly altering records that would clear the Demarees.

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Comment by foundZero
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If you look at the comments on AZ Republic when this gets covered you'll see what we have for countrymen now. About half are like "prosecutor says this, they are monsters, kill them". Yep, whatever words issue from the mouth of government are automatically taken at face value---and embelished with a bit of the old "make it up in your head".

Wells, times are slowly changing as the system's abuse climbs up the income ladder. None are immune but the very rich and connected.

IMO the only ones who deserve the police state are it's cheerleaders.

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