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Who OWNS Foreclosed U.S. Properties?, Part I & 2 Scam in the making

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 There is a lot of material in Mr. Harrison's commentary, so for those interested in this issue, I recommend going to the source to read it in full. I intend to focus on two of the extremely important issues in that piece: the question of who holds title to a securitized mortgage, and (just as important) who has “standing” to initiate and prosecute a foreclosure.
Part 2 here
Comment with the government now owning the lions share of all these mortgages how do you think this will really work out?  Taxpayers......

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 We the suckers should be rightful and legal owners since it's our money that flowed to save the banks that were too big to fail that caused the crisis that stole our money that took our taxes that caused our unemployment that caused us to be unemployed that caused us to lose our retirements that left us homeless with a market flooded by foreclosed homes.

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