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One backpack at a time, smuggling ring packed thousands of pounds of marijuana through Tohono O’odha

• The Sierra Vista Herald
Local and federal law enforcement officers said they have broken up a drug transportation ring that was bringing 60,000 pounds of marijuana into Arizona one backpack at a time. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said the operation came to light with a r

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Comment by SamFox
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One more reason to RE-legalize cannabis & hemp. We must take the profits from the violent cartels. The drug war is SOOOO lost!! Unless you are one of those in law enforcement who gets paid off. 

 See the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition website & look up Victems of the Drug War. LEO's have killed far more innocents than cannibis.

 One Q: If cannibis is a dangerous drug, where are the bodies????

Comment by Brock
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Two tons out of the annual supply, a market for new vehicles and weapons, and a whole bunch of job opportunities.  That's what I call a stimulus package for Arizona!

Too bad there'll be an uptick in violence as those routes are re-established, but Arizona really doesn't have much drug war violence and crime so y'all can absorb it, right?