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Fort Hood Tragedy

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An incident as this sure exposes the degree of the sad pathetic state of lack of critical thought among the American people.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Sorry, the Ft. Hood Massacre isn't about Maj. Hasan, it's about Islam and the Quran, which programmed him and set him loose killing infidels for Allah as he shouted Allah Akbar, Allah is the Greatest. This despite a lifetime of Western education that told him to chuck those parts and to be loyal to the U.S. Who's to blame? The U.S. govt., for allowing his parents and other Muslims to immigrate en mass, heedless of the consequences. It's time Westerners, who are mainly past the Age of Religion to wake up about Islam, that the evil is at the core, in the Coran, which is totall incompatible with Western civilization, and study the history of its rise, spread and doctrines so they can arm their minds to what's sure to come, and work to close the door to more Muslim immigration. Try the Historyscoper's Quick History of Islam for History Ignoramuses site, it's free and the best. 

Comment by FreeDomMonkey
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 This event is analogous to a capo in the Gambino family losing it and killing a bunch of his fellow mobsters. 

Comment by foundZero
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There's always a tendancy to want to categorize or charactarize such incidents. It's important to remember that these are sometimes anomalous incidents, not reflective of any trend or current circumstance.