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Is Michael Moore a Jesus Freak?

• The Atlas Society
The theme of Michael Moore's latest movie "Capitalism: A Love Story" is that the free market is evil. But unlike most on the extreme left, Moore attempts to justify his views based on his Christian Catholic religion.

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Comment by Lucky Red
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 The extreme left...ROFL!  No doubt this is coming from somene on the "extreme right" which, as we all know, is sooooooooooooooooo much better...Ha ha!  What idiots y'all are and how you're being played by the ones on top, pitying you, morons, against each other when you're just like the two hind legs on a dog - and, yeah, with a big puckered ass between you called the government/corporations that rule your pitiful paradigm.  In the meantime, you're being screwed from behind and you can't even tell because you're too busy blaming the other side and trying to prove that you each is whackier than the other.  What a pitiful sight!

Comment by FreeDomMonkey
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 The brother's keeper remark was a smart ass remark from Cain to God to cover up his murder of this brother Abel.  God asked Cain where Abel was and he said, 'Am I my brother's keeper?'  He could have just as easily said, 'I don't know, it's not my day to watch him' or 'search me'.  But a bunch of half wits that don't know the Bible think we are called upon to be our brother's keeper based on their lack of understanding...

Comment by SamFox
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Actually Jesus expanded the idea of brother keeping when he expanded the thought to your neighbor, not just your brother. He said "love your neighbor as your self'. So He did make a similar statement.

 But I am sure MM was only doing the famous person quote thing. I doubt he is close to Jesus or reads the Bible that much. 

 Also, Mike, Christian & Catholic are not synonymous.. No offense or dis. is meant. But Bible based Christianity is not at all the same as what the Catholic's teach. Though the C church borrows a lot of the Bible & misuses much of what they borrow, they also have added teachings to their own doctrines that are not Bible based. 

Praying to Mary in our view is idolatry, The Book says 'There is only one mediator between God and man, the Man Christ Jesus". Mary was NOT born with our original sin, She is NOT found in the Bible to be a perpetual virgin. Praying to saints is wrong &  making them through their made up process is not Bible based.. The Bible teaches every one born again of the Holy Spirit is a saint. . 


Comment by TheRockster
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The article seems to accept Moore's statement that Jesus said we should be our brother's keeper. There is no justification for thinking so. The "brother's keeper" is from the Eden story of Cain and Abel. In the entire Bible, Jesus never said anything even remotely resembling that statement. I wonder if Moore's "Christian Catholic religion" would approve of his misquoting Christ in order to try to make a political point.