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Black Friday sales barely up, online surges

• Reuters
In a worrisome sign for retailers, data released on Saturday showed that sales rose a scant 0.5 percent on the traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season despite early signs of a strong showing.

A focus on bargains pulled shoppers into stores and onto websites over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but many said they would stick to their budgets and avoid purchases if they could not find a good deal.

Those trends appeared to play out in the results issued by ShopperTrak, which measures customer traffic in stores.

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Comment by foundZero
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A worrisome sign? No, it's a "going out of business" sign for many. Commercial real estate is gonna take a monster hit.

Oh and the mid-season re-stock in stores won't happen now. Forget about getting a job in Walmart now. They won't be hiring. This could be the end of the whole "seasonal employment" thing besides the guy selling trees in the parking lot.

This means a whole mess of people, hundreds of thousands just lost their jobs in China.

Decapacitization has begun. The tendency for international reserve currencies (more of them every day eh?) will be to try to chase the dollar down as far as they can while they simultaneously try to shift assets.