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Flight 253 Bomb Excuse

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As the Obama administration showboats their concerns for air safety while offering even more restrictions on Americans, the truth begins to show its ugly head. Eye witness Kurt Haskell of New Port Michigan told another story of blatant disregard for airline security committed by the Dutch. In a story written in * Kurt revealed how a well dressed Nigerian man persuaded flight attendants into allowing shabby dressed Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab to board an international flight to America without a passport. How far beyond stupid is that eh?? Clearly the blame falls on Dutch authorities for this security breach and not that of US citizens or the TSA, yet the administration went on to install more paranoid restrictions on the American side of the ocean. Obviously this administration has taken a hard line on air safety while punishing American passengers with another round of xenophobic fears. Seems the only people Obama is tough on are the American citizens with all his legislati

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Comment by Rocky Frisco
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Terror is an emotion. You can't fight terrorism with guns and bombs and surveillance. The only place you can fight terror and terrorism is in your mind. The danger of terrorism is that an apostate national government can use it as an excuse to enslave its population, if it wants to. It definitely wants to. Just watch it. Every attempt at terrorism, whether successful or not, is immediately followed by further enslavement of the population. The real enemy is not Arabs or Muslims, randomly killing Americans; the real enemy is the present administration and the President's burning desire to enslave Americans so he can be King. Obama is an ambitious psychopath and his ambition is to be the Dictator of America, as a step to being King of the World. Ignore his words; they are lies; watch his actions and behavior.

Comment by KDK Klein
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I completely agree with this article.  Not too many people in the US have enough intelligence to put 2 + 2 together and get the same answer of 4 time and time again.  It is so disturbing that MSM controls society.


bho is anything but an American and everything anti-american.  This whole terror issue is so far fetched and is in the same category as AGW.  FEAR based manipulation for control and profit... as always. 

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