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Controversial Ga. Billboards Link Abortion, Race

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The message on dozens of billboards across the city is provocative: Black children are an "endangered species."
The eyebrow-raising ads featuring a young black child are an effort by the anti-abortion movement to use race to rally support within the black community. The reaction from black leaders has been mixed, but the "Too Many Aborted" campaign, which so far is unique to only Georgia, is drawing support from other anti-abortion groups across the country.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote in several of her books, that abortion was the solution to "dysgenic stocks of negroes and Jews".  The first two planned parenthood locations were opened in - where else? - Brooklyn and Harlem.

Sure it's about "choice".

They are crypto-fascist medical killing centers.  When SHTF if you're pregnant daughter is un-reeducatable, she may be FORCED to go there against her will to eliminate non-compliant future generations of citizens.


Comment by SamFox
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I hope this goes national. For too long the radical lib progressives have gotten away with eugenics disguised as 'choice'.

These are the same liberal 'progressives' who bow to Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood & their hidden eugenics platform. Sangerites oppose parental notification. They don't like the idea that an under age girl may actually choose to carry a child to term & place it for adoption, guided possibly by the child's parents. They screamed bloody hell about the mom & her son in the Super Bowl ad. Those of this ilk DON"T want to allow you to choose to own a firearm. Who don't want parents to choose home schooling or vouchers. They oppose both. They object to students being taught that creation by an out side power is just as viable a possibility as random chance because they don't want to allow the possibility that students may choose God over Darwin.

It is these mentally diseased who want to control the world because they think themselves better than the rest of us, their 'reasoning' behind eugenics. It is from their ranks that the USA was saddled with the 'Federal' Reserve. The 'Fed' is the financial destroyer of the US economy  using inflation & screwball monetary policy as a weapon against us. One of their own,Mayer Amschel Rothschild said "Give me control over a nation's money & I care not who makes the laws". .  

No doubt those who put up the bill boards will be called racists & suffer the usual lib prog invectives, but will present no true accurate facts to back up their diatribes. We see this tactic played out over & over. Ask Sarah Palin & the TEA movement.

But remember, it's  'progressives' who promise the black community welfare & all the rest but by & large have them locked in ghettos. I was researching which racial group has the most abortions. I was not surprised that it was the blacks who led the stats. I was very surprised to learn that the Hispanic community was second.