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LGBTQ-Gay Rights

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Over the past few years, as the LGBT advocacy crowd has incessantly pushed transgender acceptance on the broader American populace, a rather disheartening result of that movement has come into focus. "Transgender females" -- boys or men who iden

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Since making the announcement that they would stop supporting pro-family charities earlier this week, Chic-fil-A has been performing damage control against criticisms that they turned their backs on their Christian customers who helped them become th

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The Salvation Army responded on Monday to reports that Chick-fil-A was cutting ties with the Christian organization over its support for traditional marriage by noting that it is the largest social services provider in the world and that it serves mi

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California: Murietta School District will not allow parents to opt their children out of classes containing LGBTQ content. Strong objections arose when parents were shown a video featuring an ACLU staff member instructing teachers how to teach childr

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