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Alex Jones Predicts Austin False Flag Weeks Ago

• Alex Jones/Staff at Infowars

Posted by Sharlene Holt

Musicians for Freedom

Alternative newscaster Alex Jones announced on February 8, 2010 that a false flag would occur in Austin in order to demonize the T-Party and patriotic movements there. As usual, he's right. Readers are taking bets in the Comments Section of the article posted at

1) The guy piloting this plane was an reader.

2) The guy was going to lose his house because he had lost his job.

3) The guy had additional fuel/explosives on board the plane.

4) The guy targeted the FBI and IRS but was unsure of which was where.

5) The guy was anti-government.

6) This event will be used by the government to further crack down on freedom.

7) The guy thought that what he was doing was right.

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Comment by Simon Rodriguez
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Pals, Dont worrry ,may be this false flag, is a very amusement incident for Bush Family¡¡¡Texas more famous  group and his pentagonos Combo¡¡¡ ALIVE¡¡ in flesh¡¡ remenbering 9/11 bussness¡¡ only that,no reason to be...worry

Comment by Bennichs
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Not everything event is a false flag! The "truth movement" is getting a bit out of control. 

Seriously, this happened a day ago, and you've already determined it is an false flag?

Comment by Chris Broughton
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I doubt this was a false flag, this whole thing looks like a clear case of a guy that just got sick and tired of living like a slave and finally could not take it anymore.

I think this will be impossible for the MSM or the gang in Washington to spin (and they will of course try) to their advantage. I think there are way too many people in America who can sympathize with his motives, and the fact that (judging by his letter) he so clearly leans to the so called "left", it is going to be nearly impossible to effectively pin this on the freedom movement.

Comment by Nick Saorsa
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I bet it comes out that this guy was a 911 Truther... like Debra Medina, just in time for voting.

I dunno about a false flag, I guess we'll see.

Comment by Brock
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My brother, a big PGA fan, correctly predicts, on average, 31 hole-in-ones at PGA tournaments EVERY YEAR.  Using the "forget the misses" standard used in this article, he's a damn seer!

AND, he uses the same square-grooved Pings Phil Mickleson just got in trouble for.  It's a conspiracy to keep his omniscience from coming to light, I tells ya!

Comment by foundZero
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This just in, Jesse Ventura is reportedly rushing to the scene to claim that this "government black op" was really targeted at him and his new miniseries "Conspiracy Slut For Hire". In other news, Dog The Bounty Hunter is reportedly converging on the scene with his own film crew to "screw the bad guys on television" leaving many unclear of his true intentions. Meanwhile, speculation by this station has led to unconfirmed sightings of Alex Jones in Las Vegas, Nepal, Disney World and at every single major international airport in the United States leaving some to wonder if a cloned army of Alex Jones' has not been activated by this singular tragedy.


Comment by foundZero
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Alex Jones will respond that it was not Debra Medina but rather that COINTELPRO bitch Catherine Bleish who was co-pilot as seen in this incredible videographic evidence rendered by his secret film crew


It will come out that "Joe Stack" was in fact Alex Jones all along and that Jones flew the plane, an all of his broadcasts since then were pre-recorde, carefully contrived political manipulation from the grave because he has both the media savvy and the surviving personnel to pull it off but since no DNA evidence was recovered, this will remain in bitter dispute


People start asking WHY a single-engine Piper could have inflicted so much damage and STILL LEFT FORENSIC EVIDENCE thus proving NOT that it was actually an airplane and not a missile, but that "they" just got better at making missiles that look and fly like airplanes, leaving many to conclude that this only deepens the mystery because after all, WHY DID THE TOWERS NOT FALL?

I'm just going to go ahead and get started on the conspiracy documentary and try to cash in ahead of the curve. Because I imagine CafePress is already flooded with new tshirt designs.

Comment by foundZero
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Boy that didn't take long. From some airplane crashes to a crazy patriot to a full-blow government conspiracy and I haven't even had lunch yet. And coming right up on every single cable news channel, an exhaustive and implicatory examination of "those crazy tea partier terrorists". 

This is what our political centrist opposition has been waiting for. Bet you anything they say Debra Medina was his co-pilot.

Comment by Patriot 2012
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I find it hard to believe it would be a false flag....unless they do not find his body? Let the government demonize the Tea party etc. Who gives a hoot what the Government says! They are Illegal! Period!  The American People need to start organizing resistance. The American People need to sacrifice their lives big time to make change in DC and put all those in the Alternative Government on trial. If this continues we are all going to lose big time. The Government is like a Bank Robber. If you do not arrest him it will continue with the crimes against the American people. We have alot to lose if we do not go back and do what our Founding Fathers admonished us to follow through when we have this sort of government to deal with. We have tried all avenues of peaceful grievances for how long? what on earth has it done for us? You be the judge of that. And by the way, to those who do not believe in Demonstrations, how the heck do you think you get your Liberty and Freedom? Sitting on your asses ? or?

Comment by Brock
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