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Accused War Criminals Make Home in U.S.

• ABC News
Barre and the men under him have been accused by the United Nations of committing horrific war crimes throughout the '70s, '80s and early '90s that the country is still reeling from....
But shockingly, along with refugees and victims of war crimes, some alleged war criminals themselves have emigrated to the United States, escaping retribution for the monstrous acts they may have committed at home.

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calling the kettle black what is with UN they are the same garbage who do evil things and they say this and that who are they biggest bunch of warcriminals oh yeah i remember the same trash who was involved in taking over the russia and nazi germany the new world facist order that they are the kill people and do they care about people no they they dont they rather take your children and molest them or why is this group called manbla in the the united nations funny you people are sick need to have your heads taken from tjeir bodies and shoves up their dead orifices