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Half of all US households don't pay taxes

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Tax Day is a dreaded deadline for millions, but for nearly half of U.S. households it's simply somebody else's problem.

About 47 percent will pay no federal income taxes at all for 2009. Either their incomes were too low, or they qualified for enough credits, deductions and exemptions to eliminate their liability. That's according to projections by the Tax Policy Center, a Washington research organization.


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Comment by Gary Barnett
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 Everyone pays taxes in one form or another. You are certainly correct that almost half don't pay federal income tax, but everyone is harmed by taxation via payroll taxes, state taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, inflation, etc., etc.

The real problem is not that 47% don't pay income taxes, but that the rest of us do. An elimination of all federal income taxes, as well as all other redistribution taxes is a better idea than worrying about only those who are not currently having their private property stolen by force by this very corrupt and evil government via the income tax system.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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