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Maryland Cops Beat the Daylights Out of a Guy for Absolutely No Reason Whatsoever

• ABC7 News

Posted by Sharlene Holt, M4F

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Video obtained by ABC 7 News appears to support a University of Maryland student’s claim that he was attacked — unprovoked — by Prince George’s County police during the civil disturbance that followed the Terps’ victory over Duke last month, ABC 7’s Brad Bell reports.

In the video, John McKenna first appears skipping down the sidewalk next to Knox Road. He is singing a cheer, celebrating Maryland’s basketball win over Duke on the night of March 3, 2010.

McKenna stops when he comes face to face with a Prince George’s Maryland National Capital Park Police mounted officer. Note that McKenna actually backs away from the mounted officer.

The tape shows two police officers, on foot and in riot gear, slam McKenna into the wall. 

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Comment by Carrie Taranova
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 It has been this way since 2001 when Bush took over all the police and issued new orders, and militarized all the police in the country.  These Bush police are no longer held accountable for anything they do and they are to be as brutal as they can be in order to put the fear of 'authotiy' into the public.  All the street and road stops are a apart of this  fear and intimidation agenda also. Did you know that case law says that innocent citizens are to RESIST ARREST  in any way they need to EVEN USING DEADLY FORCE IF NEED BE.  "Resisiting Arrest"  is NOT a 'crime" as DC has had their govt media put out in order to create this "new law" that is actually illegal ! Police today are nothing more then street thugs = criminals.  And eferyone needs to resist them in any way possible and people need to stick up for themselves and each other.  You have the right to self-defence espeically when it's from one of these armed street thugs !  And they usually travel in  packs as street gangs usually do.  Do not let them intimidate you !  That is what this is all about and we the people need to put the fear back into THEM !  They are the criminals.

Did you know that originally before Lincoln created the police (not to be confused with the Sheriff who belongs to the people, not the state) that it was the armed PEOPLE who were the law enforcement in this country.  And when the people were in charge, there was no cirme.  But since the police were put in place and the people bascially disarmed by Lincoln, crime thrived and we can see just how well it has thrived right up to today .  Today the Police ARE the armed criminals and are more dangerous then any of the usual steet gangs !  They do not care about your life or your safety.  They have brutal intimidation to do - that is their real job since 2001 ! Protect yourself from them any way you have to = that is litrerally a court order !  The Police have made themselves  the enemy of the people !

Comment by PureTrust
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Remember to keep this in its perspective. It isn't the cops doing the bad things, even though it looks like it is. It is the people who hire them, the people who authorize and condone what they do, the people who make the policy... and I don't mean the general public.

Who interviews an applicant for police duty?

Who writes policy for how police handle situations?

Who runs the Police Department?

Who looks at what these guys do and says, "It's okay. We need them to act like this and they will make a few bad calls once in awhile. So, it's okay."

We had better get with our mayors, city councils, police commissioners, police chiefs, etc. to get this thing changed. Attacking the individual police officer doesn't get anywhere near the root of the problem.

Comment by Hawkeye
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No Reason?  are you kidding?

Where do you think such people,the Cops! come from in the first place?

Do you think these Comi`s come from nice God Fearing homes?........NOT!

Do you think these Comi`s really care about their  children growing up in the world these sick SOB`S are making for their own children?

What do you think they care about your children...they don`t!

Maybe someone should infiltrate the "Academies" to see just what these Bastards are taught...I think such scum should be made to stand before  their piers,without mask for all to see.If a judge can make a thief stand on a street corner with a "Scarlet Letter",why not a corrupt cop that has stolen much more,most likely.

Of course finding an Honest Judge will prove to be a mass undertaking.

Please remember!! such Cops are showing up in every community,every City,every town...where do these scum bags come from..the Academy`s? 

They are a  Car,or a "Bicycle",or,toilet paper...they are not real people....Hanger 51 comes to mind.

If you get the opportunity to talk with won`t take you long to find out that these people are dangerous to man kind..not to mention "Freedom"...just a few words is all it will take.

Jerry Alexander



Comment by Anonymous
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If we let thugs get away with being thugs then we deserve whatever they do to us.