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Harry Reid: Las Vegas Lib Says Republicans Smell Something

• Mondo Frazier
Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston ignores real polls and presents a mixture of straw polls and home-cook Dem ones. Ralston said Republicans smell “the scent of fear.” Voters in Nevada certainly smell something–it’s doubtful it’s fear.

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Comment by Vincent-brian: [mross]
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One question... is that Ernie in the photo? Sure looks like him... hehe 

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Nevada is dying economically. Some businesses expect to see the Nevada economy shrink 25% because the State too heavily depended on visitors spending their discretionary income on tourism and gambling, income that since vanished for most Americans in the Obama economy. Despite 40 states opening up casino gambling, Nevada did little during the good times to attract non-gaming and non-tourist industries to employ its Citizens year around. Now Nevada is trapped. It has the most foreclosed homes in the nation and the second highest unemployment. Last year 20 percent of Nevada Revenues were derived from the Economic Stimulus Plan and that will end soon. Nevada has been paying $20-million a week in unemployment, something that can’t continue indefinitely. Once Nevada’s unemployment benefits are exhausted, retail and gambling will be crunched and Nevada will lose more tax revenues. NV now owes the Feds one billion in loans used to pay unemployment; that also can’t continue forever.