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Karl Denninger: Ten Things For 2010

An honest evaluation of who you can trust and who you can't is, in coming years, likely to be the most-important decision you will make, and you will make it time and time again. Being wrong over the last 20 years has cost you some money. Being wrong in the coming decade may throw you into rank destitution at best and cost you your life at worst. This is no laughing matter and there is no way around the facts. This is a somber message on a day when order is being lost in the FX markets, and those, my friends, underpin literally everything. As I post this the same scenario that set up the collapse last Thursday in the FX is presenting itself again. There is no guarantee it will produce another crash, of course, and in fact odds are it won't. But the yellow light is on, and if we get another one of these things it is unlikely we will bounce at all - the market will just go straight down the toilet instead. Forewarned is forearmed.

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