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LIVE video and chat TONIGHT!!!

• Gary Franchi
Gary Franchi from the Reality Report is doing a live video stream tonight. You can call in, email, twitter him questions or comments. Also, if you want to share Youtube videos for everyone to talk about, simply send in the links, he will play it, and a conversation will ensue. There is video interviews with Alex Jones, and a few other sites. It starts at 9 eastern/8 central. HERE is the link!

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Comment by foundZero
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I got in on the fun. Gary has been developing this for a while and all I can think is it used to be hard to administer our 4 hour conference calls, but what we have here is a live stream backed up by Skype, by call-in numbers and by a chat room, all of which is totally out-of-hand crazy. Still experimental after I started working on this stuff over 10 years ago.

The whole idea is to take you out of the role of the solitary observer playing media and make you part of a live audience. Scalability has always been the issue here but with "helpful media steaming" services like Youtube we're learning how to dump bandwidth off while trying in some way to allow for anonimity. If I believed in such as thing as "web 2.0" this must be "web 2.5", the exploitation of proprietary media channels for WTF we wanna do with it. And combining them into unified environments seamlessly for the user.

Well this wasn't seamless but users have grown in sophistication. It really was a ground-breaking format for a "talk show", one of the most ambitious I've seen yet. Even for project capitalized in the millions, this one actually demonstrated what I see, what I saw, what's coming next.