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‘Gather your armies’: Is GOP candidate stoking armed revolt?

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Rick Barber, a candidate in the Republican primary for the state's second district, has released a one-minute ad in which he implies he supports impeaching President Barack Obama, then goes on a protracted criticism of the IRS, concluding with an actor dressed as George Washington declaring, "Gather your armies."

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Comment by Nick Saorsa
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"When we say 'Revolution', we say it with LOVE." -Kokesh

Comment by foundZero
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Hi there Sam Bones!

When we relentlessly bashed GWB and his dad we heard much the same thing: we're terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. Unfortunately for our fans at the SPLC, no armed insurrection took place.

When we plastered the nation with R3VOLUTION signs we hard the same. But apparently the "necessary result" wasn't necessary.Everyone was worried we'd "disrupt" the RNC but we decamped to the other side of a river just so to keep our thing separate from their thing. DNC came and you didn't hear a peep from us. G-20 came and went without our participation.

And the fact is, we're so diverse and factionalized we couldn't even get 100% of us behind Ron Paul. Now you are worried we'll take orders from a man in a powdered wig?

Be sick all you want but don't bring it upon us. We don't have it or want it both ways. WE DO IT OUR WAY.

Comment by Sam Boes
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You politicians and media types - yes, even YOU, "Freedom's Phoenix," can't have it both ways.  You can't keep on bashing the president and his agenda and Congress and their actions and NOT see the necessary result of resistance to their immoral actions is anything BUT armed rebellion - and go all gaga over the "threats" made by people like this - open or implied.  You all make me sick.

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