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07/09/2010 - VIDEO - Real News Tucson heads down to Buenos Aires National Park about 40 miles SW of Tucson to see if parts of Arizona were really being blocked off to Americans.

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Comment by Will Grigg
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Whatever else one can say about this video, it makes the intended point: There's not a pocket of Arizona that's been taken over by Mexican drug gangs and is thus off-limits to US citizens. 

Comment by Anonymous
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 That has got to be the worse case of journalism, if you can call it that. That I have seen in a long time here. If that's what the next generation is like they're screwed. They couldn't find an illegal if they hired one at Home Depot. How many drug runners and illegals do you think drive down a paved road in broad daylight swarming with BP ? Three wrong turns, driving with wipers on, almost runs BP check point. LOL   Looked more like he was trying to impress her to get in her panties.  Stick to filming the rallies at U. of A.

Comment by Die Daily
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Can I get fried with that?

Comment by Found Zero
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I gotta find some way to penetrate. I want to talk to Babeu and Brewer, just to hear WHY they don't activate us.

My heart calls me to duty but until I at least hear Babeau and Brewer specifically repudiate this option, well that will be the moment for me. Because this would truly reveal any purely political purpose in their actions.

Get what I'm saying? Both of these persons have official powers to mobilize us. Any "state's rights" or "let us solve our own problems our own way" arguments on their part are nullified.


Attendes ami, if they claim to represent the people in the face of the feds and yet they do not involve the people, what do we have here?


Another turd burger.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Chris, Great video, good to see you and K are out having fun. Were you driving the RON PAUL 2012 car on this fact finding mission?

Please see my comments on your video about our adventure, actual date was July 5th not the 7th. (Our LOLA calendar was still on June)

So, we drove out into the black to check it out.  No one stopped us, as we drove dirt roads approx 17 miles in and an additional 17 miles back out. On the map the road appears to do a "U" west,north,east from Marana to Red Rock, but in reality, the dirt road curved and rolled through rugged desert terrain.  We saw lots of footprints, empty water bottles and tire tracks in most of the dry washes. We came across a three-wheeler that pulled off the road as we approached and had a Dodge Ram type grey truck following us as we got closer to Red Rock.

We kept on our guard.

Jeanne & Buck





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