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Wed at 14, 'adulterous' girl, Azar Bagheri, awaits stoning

• The Australian
SHE was only 14 when she was forced into marriage with an older man.

Yet within a year of her wedding, Azar Bagheri was charged with adultery and sentenced to be stoned to death.

The sentence could not be carried out until she was 18. So for the past four years, Ms Bagheri has been languishing on death row while the courts waited for her to reach maturity so she could be put to death.


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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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I wholeheartedly agree Die Daily thinking is fun you should try it sometime.

Comment by Die Daily
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Oh, patriot, don't be so consternated. What part of people are people are people is so tough to get? We don't have to be all in love with any given group of people to stand up against genocide, do we? It's not about picking one people over the other, that would be retarded (oops, sorry, I notice that this is what you are doing). Instead, we just want to notice which group is presently doing the genocide and oppose them. If next year they are the ones getting genocided-on, lol, then we would naturally zoom right on over to their defense. That is what is called being "principled". So you can sow your Jew-hate, but libertarians never would. We don't hate certain peoples, we oppose certain actions, usually those of states and state ideologies. If there are a bunch of freaks somewhere that kill their little girls, we hate that too, but we don't think a raging State-run Genocide that drops white phosphorus on 1000 other little girls (aka the Zionist approach to this problem) would be a very good solution. In fact, it would be roughly 1000 times worse. It's not hard. Just fire up that old brain and give'r a try. Thinking is fun!

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Those Iraninas are such good people aren't they unlike the Jews right guys?