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National Guard troops set for arrival on Arizona border

• Arizona Republic
The National Guard troops assigned to the Arizona border will begin to arrive Aug. 1, and the federal government is sending other reinforcements to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and narcotics entering the state, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.

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Comment by Andrea Severson
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Funny how the judges use the Constitution when it suits them and

them spits on it when the Constitution gets in their way.

Way to go Arizona.  The troops are finally coming to protect the sovereignty of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!



Comment by Die Daily
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Oh no, John Morgan, run, it's the Notational Guard!

Comment by Anonymous
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 What a joke. 524 N.G. for all of Arizona    LOL This will be like the last time they did this. The N.G. sits around and reports on people crossing the desert. Then when armed illegals approch them they back down and leave the area. And after everyone feels all warm and fuzzy because the MSM does a few stories on it and everyone goes back to the season premiere of American Idol the N.G. will slip out of dodge. What we have in D.C. is a bunch of Fat Mouth Liars that need to forfeit there pay for the wonderful job they're doing for the people and country and sit there asses down on the border if they feel it so secure. They're ALL a bunch of LYING BACK STABBING P.O.S.     Time to vote from the roof tops.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Ah yes... the beginning of a long, drawn-out war right here in our home state.  Just enough resources to make it look like we're doing something, but not enough (in the right places) to solve the problem.   This will last forever, and will slowly acclimate us to living in a real warzone.  And of course there will never be enough funding for this operation, even as it doubles year after year.

Comment by John Morgan
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Just what we need... 1500 National Guard armed with pencils instead of guns.  These so-called reinforcements will prove utterly ineffective in slowing cartel traffic.  This response by DHS is laughable.  I feel sorry for the troops who are sent into that war zone without the ability to defend themselves.