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Arizona Needs Its Own Bank

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Arizona should have its own bank so taxpayer dollars could help fund local businesses instead of boosting the profits of big multinational banks. Bill Bradbury, Democratic candidate for governor of Oregon (and former secretary of state) is proposing the same course of action for his home state.

The Bank of North Dakota has been operating since 1919 without federal bailouts of any kind, completely funded by its own resources, non-securitized, and by charter obligated to loan to agrarian interests instate.

Moreover, North Dakota currently has a record surplus and the lowest unemployment in the country. It’s the megabanks that needed TARP and all the rest. The state bank of ND is self-insured (they don’t WANT FDIC insurance – why pay the fees?) and has returned revenue (not COST revenue) to the state since inception 91 YEARS ago! A state bank of Arizona could do the same thing. Read Ellen Brown’s articles or her book “Web of Debt” to understand this.

This video is Ron Paul’s brother Wayne who explains how the Federal Reserve has bankrupted our country.
This begs the question: If we do not have Constitutional money, how can we claim to have Constitutional government? The answer is we can’t. This needs to change. The following is letter Bob Walton recently sent to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, it reads:

July 13, 2010

U.S. Mail:
The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Dear Governor Brewer:

Arizona needs its own bank and you can make it happen.

You have probably heard of attorney and author Ellen Brown. Her knowledge and ideas can save America and Arizona can lead the way. Ellen Brown says:

“We’re being reduced to the state of a 3rd world country… because of a failed Wall Street banking system. Meanwhile the Wall Street bankers are getting trillions out of our government on the presumption that if we don’t preserve this banking system then we won’t have a credit system. But that is not true. In fact we can create our own credit exactly the way that (private) banks create it- we can set up an alternative credit system in which states would own their own banks.”

This is not pie in the sky but a proven fact as Ellen explains:

“One state in the Union does this- North Dakota- one of only two states currently able to meet their budget. In fact the state (of North Dakota) now has the largest surplus it has ever had. North Dakota has plenty of money for everything it wants to do.”

Because our new immigration law, Arizona has emerged as the leader of the vast majority of Americans who are fed up with the Federal Government and the international bankers who are trying to bring America down. Millions of Americans stand ready to participate in a peaceful revolution in which we the people and our respective state and local governments take decisive action by assuming our responsibility to protect and defend the Republic as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Computerized rigged elections have taken away our ability to control the politicians in Washington and today they all serve the same globalist bankers who have a stranglehold based upon their money monopoly- also known as the Federal Reserve. But we the people can break that monopoly. Millions of people across America are disgusted with the phony Republican-Democrat rigged system. We will no longer tolerate the abuse and tyranny we see increasing with each administration- regardless of political stripe.

There are so many things we can and must do to prevent the looming disaster but there is no more fundamental need than that of “monetary sovereignty” for our state and local governments. Unless we break the money monopoly, we will never gain the economic freedom and prosperity necessary to take our Country back.

Please watch the short video of Ellen Brown talking about her proposal for state and local banks at the following link:

Also you can go on her website at the following address:

This letter is being forwarded by e-mail (bcc) to a number of dedicated and concerned Americans including the following whose public service, writings, words and deeds inspire and give us hope:

Ellen H. Brown
Christopher Bollyn
Richard C. Cook
Jim Condit Jr.
Stewart Rhodes
Mark B. Matthews
Sheriff Richard Mack
Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever
Arizona State Senator Manuel V. “Manny” Alvarez
Arizona State Representative David W. Stevens
Arizona State Representative Patricia V. Fleming

Thank you for your continued leadership and courage.

Very truly yours,

Robert W. “Bob” Walton
PO Box 16283
Portal, Arizona 85632


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Comment by John Morgan
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I agree with the author.  A state owned bank similar to North Dakota's could help break the monopoly of the Federal Reserve.  In addition, having a state system in place will prevent a lot of chaos if the Federal Reserve collapses or the dollar becomes hyper-inflated.  Because the bank can issue its own credit, and states are constitutionally allowed to coin their own gold and silver currency, it would be a fairly simple change to switch from FRNs to gold and silver in a crash.

Comment by Iapetus
Entered on:

 NO NO NO, I feel like I'm writing to third graders except for those who read Freedom Phoenix. You have experieced what a central bank has done to this country at the federal level and somebody now wants to let that happen at the state level. No one hardly lives in north Dakota and they're siting on a bunch of oil. Not a good analogy. Go on the bi-metalic monetary system and you will restore the American Dream.  Fix the corrupt judicial system and you will restore the American Dream. Eliminate 3/4 of government and abolish the Income Tax and you will restore the American Dream.  Repeal the War on Drugs and you will restore the American Dream. Abolish public education and you children will be taught the truth  and that will help to restore the American Dream.  Have you learned nothing from history?   

Comment by Phil
Entered on:

Thats right we need some more State Socialism. Let the crooked blood sucking politicians loan you the money and reap the benefits. They swear to only use their guns for good and those delightful cages are only there for the malcontents. Whose more trustworthy then a politician?