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Ron Paul WILL Run For President in 2012 – Report from Florida Liberty Summit

Ron Paul WILL Run For President in 2012 – Report from Florida Liberty Summit


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Ron Paul is planning to run against Obama in 2012, this is a tip from an insider known as “The Collins,” a hard core activist with connections to the Pauls.

The Collins is definitely trying to cause a ruckus, but this tip was confirmed over the weekend at the Florida Liberty Summit in Orlando.

Start getting involved in your local GOP
Start building your contact lists
Start working your precincts
Start going door to door

Ron Paul WILL BE running in 2012!

(barring any unforeseen circumstances)

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Whether or not Dr. Paul ends up running aside, this report out of Florida from Matt Collins is false and provided on false pretense.

Matt Collins, a relentless self-promoter trying to make a name for himself nationally for having "insider information" who is the source of this story, actually received no other information than what Ron Paul related to his supporters last December, 2009 at a rally and fundraiser in Phoenix, Arizona which is that he would run, but it depends on the health of his wife, Carol.

That's the LONG AND THE SHORT of the information Matt Collins received.  Nothing more.  However, Matt, seeing the opportunity to spin the story into trying to gain some recognition for himself, did not relate the context of the discussion he had and he released his statement in such a way that made it look like he had some special information that us here in Phoenix, for example, had not ALREADY been told directly in Dec 2009 by Ron Paul himself to multiple people - in fact about 100 people at the same time.


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