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Obama Wants Everyone To Obtain Licenses For Their Houses

After the Cap and Tax Law is passed by the Senate and signed by President Obama everybody's house must be inspected by Energy Efficiency Police to make sure your house fits in to new guidelines. The EPA gets to take charge of house inspections and labeling. Do you license your dog? Do you license your car? After the Senate passes and Obama signs the Cap and Trade Bill you will have to license your house before you sell it. What natural born American would do this to his own country? Kenya born Barry Soetoro continues to push this UN Cap and Tax Law and it's about to be passed by the Senate.

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Comment by jon carrier
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Do not panic, DC is out of there jurisdiction again.  I wonder why power hungry people do what they do when they are on this earth for such a short period of time. I choose GOD not satan.  They laugh now but they will pay later.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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We are witnessing the beginning of Obama's Green Mafia which among other things will make it too expensive for Americans to rehab and sell older homes. Obama is doing everything one would do to destruct the U.S. economy. Socialists/Marxist historically move on democracies when they are in economic/economic crisis. Obama is creating both.

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