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On September 23, 2010, the author/sponsor of Arizona’s landmark anti-illegal immigration law, and national co-chairman of BANAMNESTYNOW.COM, SEN. RUSSELL PEARCE will hold a national TELE-TOWN HALL. You are invited!

What is a Tele-Town Hall? It’s a town hall meeting, but on the telephone so that concerned citizens from around the nation may participate… and may do so from the comfort of your own home!

We are counting on thousands of patriots from all across America to join us on September 23rd to speak with America’s hardest working state senator about how we can pass SB1070 in all 50 states!

The Tele-Town Hall will take place 9/23 at 5:30PM pacific time (6:30PM mountain time, 7:30PM central time, 8:30PM eastern time).

BANAMNESTYNOW.COM is hosting this Tele-Town Hall to kick off our “action autumn” and start mobilizing the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have joined the B.A.N. team to stop Obama’s amnesty schemes and secure America’s borders!

We ask that members/supporters help with the cost of marketing/hosting this event.  Participation is just $15 per person (contributions of more than $15 are greatly appreciated).

The stakes have never been higher! The more Sheriff Arpaio and I do to secure Arizona and America, and the more work I do with other state legislatures to pass similar legislation to SB1070 across America, the more political attacks we all face from Barack Obama, the Obama Justice Department and Obama’s Chicago gang-style political machine!

Please join BANAMNESTYNOW.COM for the September 23rd Tele-Town Hall. Register today with a minimum contribution of $15 to help us fund this national Tele-Town Hall and outreach effort!

Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER/SIGN-UP for the BANAMNESTYNOW.COM national Tele-Townhall with SB1070 author/sponsor Sen. Russell Pearce!  Your minimum contribution of $15 registers you for this event (don't forget to include the phone number you want to be called at).  Just minutes prior to the event, our Tele-Townhall operators will call all registrants and you'll enter the Tele-Townhall with Senator Russell Pearce and other VIP guests!
Please Donate to SAVE Arizona's SB1070 !!

URGENT APPEAL: U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ordered injunctions in the Obama vs. Arizona case, blocking implementation of SB 1070. Appointed by Bill Clinton, Judge Bolton issued the injunctions for all key provisions of the Arizona law, preventing SB 1070 (sponsored by B.A.N. national co-chairman Senator Russell Pearce) from being implemented.

B.A.N. is joining the legal fight to save arizona and sb 1070, and we need your help! PLEASE GIVE ALL YOU CAN $25, $50, $100, $500 OR EVEN $1,000 OR $2,500 TO HELP SB1070 SPONSOR Sen. russell pearce, SHERIFF ARPAIO, former u.s. treasurer bay buchanan, former congressman tom tancredo and the b.a.n. team OVERTURN JUDGE BOLTON!

When we help Arizona win in the courts, we will move to pass this legislation across the nation... IN ALL 50 STATES! But first we need to make certain Arizona doesn’t fall victim to Barack Obama’s Chicago-style, mafia-like, political machine.

Thank you for your support!

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Comment by Chris Broughton
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The state is like a amplifier of evil. I wonder how many people in a stateless society would take money out of their own pockets to provide these two clowns with their lifestyles. How many people would support their hyper nationalist bigotry? How many would take it upon themselves to come on my property and try to tell me I can't have an immigrant over for dinner. How many people would try to stop me from bringing an immigrant woman into my home as my wife? How many would try to come into my place of business and tell me who I can employ? I bet there wouldn't be too many because any that did would get their heads blown off. Politics is a way for cowards to join forces an commit crimes against humanity under the guise of legality.

Comment by Donna Hancock
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Wow - border security for states like Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, etc...?

Pearce and Arpaio are part of the 'system' implementing the surveillance grid for us all to be marked. Thought those were the bad guys spoke of in the book of Revelation....


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