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State unemployment: Jobs picture gets worse in 27 states

The national unemployment rate may have only ticked up slightly in August, but on a state-by-state basis, the jobs picture continues to look a lot more grim in places like Nevada, Michigan and California. A total of 27 states reported higher unemployment rates in August, nearly double the 14 that saw increases in July, the Labor Department said in its monthly report on state unemployment Tuesday. While the rate remained at 9.6% for the country as a whole, Nevada, Michigan and California have consistently racked up rates above 12%. Nevada had the worst rate for the fourth month in a row, at a record high of 14.4%, up from 14.3% in July. Michigan followed with 13.1% unemployment, unchanged from the prior rate, and California was third with a 12.4% rate, an increase from 12.3% in July. After Kentucky and Georgia joined the list, 13 states had unemployment rates above 10% in August, as opposed to 11 the previous month. The jobless rates fell in 13 states, as opposed to 18 that saw decreases in July. Ten states and the District of Columbia had no rate change. North Dakota remained the state with the lowest unemployment, posting a 3.7% rate, followed by South Dakota with 4.5% and Nebraska with 4.6%.

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Nevada quoted 14.4% unemployed. It might be closer to 22% when you consider those that no longer collect unemployment. The unemployment figure would be higher had thousand of unemployed not left Nevada for lack of employment. When you consider Nevada under employment, those that can’t find more that 20-hours a week, unemployment may affect 34% of Nevada workers. Despite 40 states legalizing casino gambling, Nevada did little during the good times to attract non-gaming, non-tourist industries to employ their residents year-round.