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Was HR3808 Attempt To Make All Foreclosures Non-Judicial?

Pay attention to Brunner here. Pay CLOSE attention. There's every possibility that Brunner managed to stop an enormous **** upon the public - that is, an attempt to force judicial foreclosure states to accept non-judicial process! I know that sounds like a stretch, but have you ever seen these banksters deal honestly - with anything? "The potential was for the banks to move their foreclosure offices to these (loose standard) states and then judges in judicial foreclosure states would have to honor these notarizations even though in their states it would not be legal......" - Secretary Brunner Again I ask: Have you ever known these banksters to deal honestly with anyone - on anything? Neither have I, and now we know why this bill was moved in the dark of night through The Senate.... and those who did it must be identified personally and held to account in November. Discussion below (registration required to post)

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