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John Stuart Self Defense hearing

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John Stuart's next court hearing is this Wednesday 10/13/10 9:00 am at 101 West Jefferson, Phoenix, East Court Building, Courtroom 513, Judge Davis.




1.    Judge Gottsfield denied John's motion to dismiss the case for the public defenders failure to enter a notice of appearance, after Judge Stienle refused to release John from jail because the attorney that argued for the relase failed to enter a notice of appearance.

     So, a entering a notice of appearance is necessary to save a defendant, but is not necessary when the failure to enter one when can harm the defendant. In other words, the rules ONLY count if they can be used to harm the defendant.

    Its one of those special Maricopa County Rules.


2.    Judge Gottsfield refused to dismiss the case for the public defenders requesting an extension against John's order and in violation of Rule 6 which prevents change of attorneys unless the new attorney is ready for the set trial date. Then Judge Davis refused to continue the case fro 90 days because an attorney must be ready for the trial date if he accepts the case.

    So continuances can ONLY be granted if the defendant does not want one and it can harm his case, but can't be granted if he needs one to correct erors committed by the court.

    Another one of those special Maricopa County Rules.


John Stuart is still the ONLY man ever imprisoned in the US for entering evidence into a case that proves he is innocent. To prevent the jury from seeing the evidence, the prosecutor sealed the evidence and charged John with filing false documents into a public office and had John imprisoned.


This case is corrupt even by Maricopa County standards, which is known for being the worst in the US. Could it have something to do with the fact the judges, cops and politicians pension funds are in trouble becasue they were so invested in the real estate market and are now trying to rebuild by investing in the private prsion market?


Or is is just a coincidence that the judges are ruling against homeowners to save the banks, which would save the judge's pension funds; and causing so many innocent people to be falsely convicted, which also seems to benefit the judge's pension funds?


Should judges even be allowed to make decisions that directly affect their own pension funds, when their decissions benefit them in direct proprotion to the loss of the people's freedom and homes?


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Comment by Jonathan Ashley
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If the attorney representing Stuart is not following Stuart's instructions on how he wants the attorney to proceed with his case, Stuart should file a bar grievance against the attorney. That will get the attorney's attention.

Comment by Ned The Head
Entered on:

And now Nebraska. And now Wyoming. And now Rhode Island. Gee, it seems like a lot of people are awake.

Arizona prosecutors and judges, you will never read this, being so pompously involved in your own power structures but your authority hangs upon your actions this very day.

All you have to do is obey the law. Any failure on your part to do so will be recorded. Instantly. That's just the way it is.

Comment by Ned The Head
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A Coin Holder in Michigan has just checked in. Somebody from Sedona is asking that the old AZ AFTF network be activated again. Many eyes are watching what happens in AZ this morning.

Many eyes are watching what happens in AZ this fine morning.

Oh what a fine morning this is that many eyes are watching.

Comment by Ned The Head
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This from Oyate:

 We are troubled, we have been troubled by this case. John Stuart has been known to us and our brother Aaron Russo for a long time. A high degree of trust existed in the early days.

Oyate stands to attest that brother John Stuart has always been known as a trusted scholar of the movement. Oyate will attest that John Stuart was always first and foremost a biblical scholar. Oyate will further attest that John Stuart has sought to relive the people of suffering, and has demonstrated love both to Oyate and to oyate, both my tribe and to my people, without ever asking anything in return.

Therefore today is not like any other day. Oyate waits to see whether another one of us lives or dies.

Comment by Ned The Head
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Way to go Morpheus for the summary update! Patriots all over the land are watching closely to see how one of our best scholars performs. John Stuart's exposure of the corrupt judicial and corrupt district's attorneys make him a target and so does his relentless defense of those caught up in foreclosure of their homes under color of law.

To every member of state process in the matter of John Stuart, we hold you under no immunity. None whatsoever. Your actions to date have stripped you of benefit of doubt or honor of office.

Ned The Head is a Coinholder.