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Changing the Corporate Guard: I am so excited about the midterm election I could just spit!

• The PPJ Gazette
If you believe the phony hype……. We’re gonna take back our government! Pull Obamacare out by the roots! Why! We’re going to reduce the size of government and stop all this spending! We’re gonna have government for the people! Not corporations! And not one bit of this is about to happen.

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Comment by doc-S
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 Hmmmm, you've never heard the screams. Soooo nonchalant, just blow it off like all the other elections. Sounds exactly like what "they" the rulers, want us to believe. But this time it IS different. Why??? The PC. Obama woke everyone up. The Internet informed them. No more lies.

And where exactly are you going to live if things DON'T change? I can guarantee you won't like it.