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War Without End: Zionist Republicans Thirst for Blood and Treasure

Cantor explained that Israel would then receive its aid directly from the treasury or through some other mechanism, possibly the defense department budget, and the Republicans would be empowered to reject the entire Obama foreign aid request to punish the nations that it considers to be unworthy of the largesse without in any way harming Israel. As Cantor explained it, the assistance to Israel would thereby be "protected." Equally dangerous is Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is poised to take over the House Foreign Affairs committee. Ros-Lehtinen is Cuban born and can be relied upon to block any moves to improve relations with her homeland, a political position mired in the 1960s and completely counterproductive today. She also is strongly in favor of selectively trimming foreign aid, though, like Cantor, she will take whatever steps are necessary to protect Israel’s slice of the pie. She has already called for cutting funding for the United Nations and aid to the Palestinian Authority. Ros-Lehtinen has been a consistent critic of what she sees as the Obama Administration’s "cool approach" to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. It is reasonable to assume that Ros-Lehtinen’s zeal for Israel is at least somewhat motivated by her desire to maintain support for her primary objective, which is sticking it to Fidel Castro. She knows that in Congress being perceived as a strong supporter of Israel makes up for other shortcomings and, in this case, results in tolerance of her totally ridiculous and counterproductive views on Cuba. This produces a double whammy for the American people, who are thereby forced to endure a ridiculous foreign policy in both the Middle East and in Latin America. Neither Cantor nor Ros-Lehtinen is troubled by giving more than $3 billion of taxpayer money annually to a relatively wealthy country whose policies damage US interests and place US citizens at risk worldwide. With friends like Cantor and Ros-Lehtinen in key positions in Congress it is the American people who should be in despair. The GOP embrace of a permanent blank check drawn on the US Treasury for Tel Aviv coupled with a foreign policy that is to say the least Israel-centric should be a terrifying notion for anyone who actually cares about the United States.