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Challenge to U.S. targeted-kill program heads to court

• Reuters

The Obama administration will on Monday try to persuade a U.S. judge to throw out a lawsuit challenging its program to capture or kill U.S. citizens who have joined militant groups like al Qaeda, including Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

In a test of President Barack Obama's war powers, the Center for Constitutional Rights and American Civil Liberties Union have demanded the program be halted and subject to public scrutiny over when Americans can be targeted.

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Comment by M. J. Faraday
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Didn't Hitler do almost the same thing in the 1930's?

I don't trust Obama I never have.  When some yutz will stand on a platform and twiddle his thumbs looking about like a blithering idiot disrespecting the Pledge whilst others ARE respecting it, come bounding out on a stage like a school boy at a Cleveland college and when reminded of his error have a look on his face "oops caught again" when some kid asks "you forgot to say the pledge" and his response is "OH I THOUGHT WE ALREADY DID THAT" when you are only 3 minutes into your spew.

There are many things that cause me to distrust this arrogant prig.  The way he spends OUR money. 

There is an old saying that I still hold to this day and I am an old man so if it offends some I am sorry blame my grandparents, now long dead, not me..."N" rich one day whiteman poor the next.

We are almost $2 trillion in debt and he has the nerve to tell US the citizens of this country to "pull your belts in" than turn about and take not one, not two but three vacations in the 22 months he has been in office.  The Martha's Vinyard was the straw that broke the camels back.  That little venture cost the taxpayers I hear well over $100 thousand per day...NOT to mention the FACT that AF-1, AF-2 and a private Gulfstream Jet was used, the Gulfstream to transport a damn dog.  AF-1 for Pharaoh Obama, and AF-2 for Queen Obama and her children. 

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Obama’s program to kill, assassinate U.S. Citizens alleged to support terrorists, makes it too convenient for government to kill any America for allegedly being an associate of any group.

While Obama highlights groups like al Qaeda to justify killing Americans believed by government to support terrorists groups, Obama’s program sets a precedent for U.S. Government to hit Americans anywhere, without public oversight, to kill any U.S. Citizen alleged to be a member of a U.S. domestic group or faction thereof that purportedly supports terrorists. For that matter, that broadly could include Government assassinating any alleged rogue member of a Tea Party, anti-war; animal rights organization or militia member including Americans erroneously targeted for death by the Obama government and subsequent U.S. Governments.