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Operation Defuse

Come celebrate with Operation Defuse Friday November 12, 2010 - Just one year after the concept was born, Operation Defuse activists make their national television debut. On Friday November 12 at 9pm Tru TV's television show, "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura, will air interviews with Operation Defuse Activists John Bush and Catherine Bleish. We are suggesting a $5 donation at the door, beverages, music and good company w...ill be provided. There will be a live stream on via UStream starting at 7pm. (full schedule at bottom of email)

John and Catherine were both extensively interviewed about their experiences visiting fusion centers across the country, the knowledge they gained attending law enforcement conferences and interviewing local, state and federal law enforcement agents, and the successes of their local / direct activism efforts with regards to fusion centers through their local organizations Texans for Accountable Government and the Liberty Restoration Project.

The episode of Conspiracy Theory will include footage of the infamous Liberty Restoration Project confrontations in the Governors office immediately following the MIAC report which profiled liberty lovers as potential violent threats as well as footage of Operation Defuse Activists pushing the envelope at fusion center check points in an effort to better understand the mechanics of the police state.

This is a very special occasion for us and I hope you can join us in celebrating the accomplishment of one of our goals - taking our knowledge of fusion centers to the mainstream.

Operation Defuse activists would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to the dozens of donors who funded our travels, the wonderful folks who gave us safe places to rest our heads and food to fill our bellies as we traveled from community to community working toward a defused police state. We'd also like to extend a special thanks to We Are Change Chapters all across the country for their help and hospitality at EVERY STOP along the way!

With your help we were able to visit 16 fusion centers across the country, file open records requests at over 20 fusion centers to date, attend the National Fusion Center Conference and the Texas Homeland Security Conference, conducted over a dozen activist trainings, and successfully influence local fusion centers through local legislative action.


Next year we intend to attend as many police state conference we can find, finish our initiative to file open records requests to all fusion centers, and compile our collective knowledge and video footage into a documentary of sorts.

Again, come support Operation Defuse at this watch party / fundraiser - We believe this is a very important effort and your energy and contributions are always appreciated.

Paypal donations accepted via:

In Liberty,
Operation Defuse Team

7:00 Show up to mingle!
7:30 Music will start
8:40 Operation Defuse Introduction
9:00 Episode Viewing

There will be a live stream on via UStream starting at 7pm. Be sure to tune in if you can't make it in person!!!

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Comment by Jukit Babalu
Entered on:

(satire) Jesse, would you, Ernest, Alex Jones and David Icke shut the fook up? What`s the big fuss about this police state? I`ve always paid taxes, followed the golden rule, and obeyed police. I was among the LAST ONES to turn off my TV and now I`m tickled pink because now my wife and I:


1. Dont have to fret about getting rolled after stumbling drunk out of the tavern at 3AM. They lock the gate early here at the detention center.

2. Get to play monopoly, checkers and poker with the other camp members. This sure beats having to cook and clean the house for my wife even though its lights out at 9 PM sharp.

3. Get to watch all the old reruns of Dr. Kildare and Days of our Lives at our leisure. Oops, I almost forgot John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Sugarfoot too, even the Dallas Cowboys and Bugs Bunny! We were relieved to learn that old 1950s Dick Clark American Bandstand shows were NOT listed on the selection program. Rock & Roll Shows like that corrupted our nation`s youth in the first place.

4. Thankfully we dont have to worry about which cancer treatment is better as chemotherapy is the only option here. I`m certain I`ll be among the few who survive the treatment. They dont know what a battler I am. I always suspicioned that naturopathics was a quack profession anyway. I asked the doc about the supposed hazards of fluoridated toothpaste and she just laughed and said "why would we provide you with an unlimited supply of fluoride toothpaste free of charge if we thought it was detrimental to your health"? That sure relieved my anxiety in a roaring big hurry.

5. Can receive the best piles treatment in the world = surgery involving either sclerotherapy, banding or infrared coagulation.

6. Can receive the best weak heart treatment in the world = a coronary bypass operation. Sometimes I do wonder though why its the only option being offered but of course this is irrelevant.

7. Get to play our favorite music, Lanza, Pavarotti and the Philharmonic Orchestras, 24 hours a day and as loud as we want to without fretting about the neighbors calling the cops. Thankfully they dont permit Elvis Presley type trash music here.

8. Get to hear a REAL train arriving an departing bringing and taking away people. It beats to death my plastic home choo choo set. Sometimes I wonder though why trains with regular see-thru windows bring people here but when it comes time for them to leave, they pull the curtain down preventing you from seeing them go. I picked the lock on the window once, pulled up the curtain and even then I could`nt see them due to another curtain on the departing platform. The train windows even had one way glass preventing us from seeing inside. Another thing is why no one says anything on the departure platform, all you hear are the faint sounds of little wheels rolling over the floor. Guess they`re just too depressed having to leave to say anything. Thankfully I learned that after folks leave here they never answer my mail, so now I dont bother to try anymore saving meself both time and mun.

Never mind the affliction

Bopperism is the cure

jukit babalu



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