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Flying – I’m Not “Opting Out”

• Christine Smith's Blog
Simply becoming angry when oneself is affected by government tyranny will not likely result in anything significant changing...I see limited value, and no lasting value, in this current scanner controversy.

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Comment by Justen Robertson
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This is a line in the sand for many people. Yes, it should have been stopped a long time ago. Yes, airports should be entirely private and security measures should be boiled down to what is most cost-effective via free market processes. Yes, the government doesn't belong anywhere in this process or, indeed, the rest of our lives.

None of that matters right here, right now. What matters is that people are *finally* willing to say no. It's an opportunity to have a public conversation, to put on the brakes and say "what is going on around here" in a way people will listen and maybe, just maybe, think about for once.

This whole "there's a whole lot of big problems in the world, why worry about this little one" thing is disingenuous and frankly I think it's an excuse to do nothing, the same tired old excuse the last three generations have been using to cop out of their responsibility to themselves to put their foot down. You act where you can act. This is an easy place to act, it's high visibility, it's controversial, and it's much, much more expensive to them than it is to us.

Yes, in theory, we pay for it in taxes - but in reality, it gets paid for in debt, debt that eventually they're going to default on because we all know it's never going to be paid off. When the U.S. government inevitably goes bankrupt, that'll be the opportunity to push for more sweeping changes and really get the nation to rethink its priorities. It's going to happen, why stall it? Blow that bubble up, let's see how big it can get before it pops. The sooner the better. Don't put it off till you die so it'll be on my plate or my son's and you won't have to worry about it. Most of all, don't use cheap excuses to sit on your ass or you're no better than the rest of them.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Oh, this is so good!